Replacing your heating and air conditioning equipment is a major investment. It can be very confusing deciding on what is right for you and your home so we have listed a few things you should always do when replacing your system.

  1. Call only licensed and insured companies
  2. Get quotes from multiple companies and make sure when comparing prices that you are comparing similar equipment, such as the same Tonnage and SEER
  3. Ask details about the companies –  What size company is it? A small company may have more personalized service but longer wait times while a large company may have a quicker response time but you may be dealing with multiple technicians. Find what works for you.
  4. Remember that you are making a long-term commitment to this company since you will need maintenance done on your equipment to keep your warranty valid. So make sure that you feel comfortable with all the people you will be dealing with in each company

What to expect when Community Heating and Air replaces your system

Community Heating and Air is a small, owner-operated company so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be dealing with one of the owners of the company throughout the entire process of replacing your system. We believe that this gives us an advantage in that it eliminates the common miscommunications that can occur when dealing with different salesmen, installation technicians, and service technicians.

Free Estimate

  1. A qualified technician will meet you to review your needs (not a sales rep)
  2. Technician will review any other issues you had with your existing system such as poor air quality or poorly conditioned areas of your home
  3. Technician will inspect existing equipment and ductwork in your home
  4. Technician will explain the different levels of energy-efficient equipment available
  5. Technician will give you multiple quotes so you can choose one that fits your needs and budget
  6. You can also call us for a basic free quote over the phone


  1. You choose the quote that best suites your needs and budget
  2. Technician will take measurements of your home and ductwork to confirm that the proper size of equipment is selected and that your duct work is sufficient for the new system.
  3. Technician will review the contract with you and ask for your signature.

Install day

  1. Technicians will arrive in company marked vehicle and uniforms
  2. Technician will cover pathway to indoor equipment with drop cloths to protect your home
  3. Technician will remove existing equipment
  4. Technician will install new equipment
  5. Technician will start and test the equipment to make sure it is in proper and safe working condition
  6. Technician will clean work area and dispose of old equipment and all trash
  7. Technician will review the installation with the customer
  8. Technician will demonstrate how to operate the new equipment and thermostat
  9. Technician will answer any questions you have on the new system
  10. Technician will collect the balance due

  Follow up

  1.  Community Heating and Air includes a free one year maintenance agreement  with all full system replacements. This agreement includes two future visits to inspect and maintain your equipment. More information is available on the Maintenance Agreement page of this site